Escarpment Speed HP

Escarpment Speed HP

Ontario Escarpment Snowboard  Programs

If you want to go fast and train with top coaches while competing on the Provincial Snowboard Ontario circuit and beyond this is the program for you. Focuses will include on and off snow training, board preparation for events and of course riding with power and control at all speeds. The team is tied into the High Performance Escarpment Team which gives our athletes access to training facilities at all of the Escarpment clubs through the season for event preparation. The team will be chasing points on the Snowboard Ontario circuit and beyond with the goal of reaching the National Development team.

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* Early Bird deadline November 20th. Prices will increase by 20% on November 21st get your registration in today.

 Additional costs may be incurred when traveling away for competition to cover coach expenses: such as travel, lift tickets, accommodations and food.

When should I consider an Alpine Board?

For the speed programs an alpine board can be introduced at the Groms level programing and above when your rider is at least 75 pounds so they have the weight to flex the boot and board and can:

  • Demonstrate strong up unweighted carve turns on blue terrain
  • Demonstrate confident controlled riding down Avalanche in proper body position with strong edge control

The riders will be evaluated on these skills by their coaches over the season and when approved riders can train on select program days with a coach on an alpine board.


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