Snowboard Speed Programs

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The speed program offers a pathway for athletes of all ages that can ride a snowboard confidently down blue runs. Starting with Riders and moving right through to the Escarpment Speed HP program where athletes train to take on the best riders in the country. The focus of the program is to create well rounded snowboarders that can handle race and boardercross courses with ease. In order to achieve this the progression of the programs will start out offering a wide skill base including lots of freeriding and even freestyle training. As your rider moves through the programs they will be refined to include more and more focused race or cross training but still offer multi discipline training because the best competitive athletes are not one trick ponies, they can ride it all.

At the top end of our programming we are fortunate to be involved with the other Escarpment clubs in the Ontario Escarpment Snowboard Team (OEST) which allows our athletes to train with our coaches at the other clubs to take advantage of different training facilities.

If you have any questions about the Speed Programs contact Alpine Programs Manager Shawn Letton @ shawn.letton@beavervalley.ca

We look forward to seeing you on the hills this season!


Boarder Cross Track on Long John!  View the video

Boarder Cross Track on Long John

Helmets are Mandatory.

Snowboard racing is the way to take your riding to the next level. With programming to satisfy every member of the family BVSC’s snowboard racing program is a comprehensive opportunity to develop performance snowboard skills both on the groomed course and in the cross track. Snowboard racing is the perfect progression from the recreational snowboard programs. Sign up today and experience the difference guidance makes in developing your skills and sense of team!


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