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One of the most important factors in making sure our athletes competitions run smoothly is having parent volunteers in key positions on the course.  Experience is not necessary; Beaver has many friendly parents willing to train new volunteers!  Contact Shawn Letton who will manage freestyle volunteers for the Freestyle programs:

Where do Athletes go after they have Graduated from Beaver Valley’s programs?

Beaver Valley will Build a High Performance Program

Ontario does not offer a Provincial team system for freestyle snowboarding but when Beaver Valley athletes reach this level we will create a team for them.  This high performance team will have top coaches and include summer, pre and post season camps.

National Development team, National team (tiered system)

National and National Development team athletes are selected by Canada Snowboard based on World Snowboard Tour points.  These athletes still train with their own independent coaches most of the season but come together for select training camps.  National and National Development team athletes are preparing for the Olympics and receive funding through Canada Snowboard.


Snowboarding does not follow a set event schedule from Canada Snowboard though Canada Snowboard does run and promote events.  Many independent companies run events that offer World Snowboard Tour points and these are the events Advanced Beaver athletes and beyond will attend.


AOS (Association of Ontario Snowboarders

Information about all freestyle, including moguls, slopestyle, big air, half pipe

Event schedules

Register for Canada Snowboard membership (needed to compete in AOS events)

Canada Snowboard

Access through AOS website

Freestyle Frequently Asked Questions?

Q – Why is there such large ability splits in freestyle groups?

A –    If an athlete is interested in freestyle from a beginner to intermediate level they are put into the interclub freestyle program.  The team tends to ride together in one big group or split between two different features in the park with a coach on each to work on tricks.  When working on a trick the coaches watch each athlete hit a feature and gives individual feedback.  This way the group can have beginner to intermediate riders. In the same group they are working on different level tricks using the same features.  They also train together because they enjoy seeing each others progress, give each other tips and build strong friendships.

Q – Why is freestyle judging so subjective?

A- Unfortunately like any judged sport there is subjectivity.  The judges for all of our events are trained in a judging system that is based around overall impression and takes the maneuvers difficulty, style, amplitude and difficulty or size of the feature used into account.  Our coaches are aware of what the judges are looking to see and train the teams accordingly.

Q – Why is the park laid out the way it is?

A – When building our terrain parks Caleb take into account a number of different facets including:

  • The demographics and skill level  of our park users
  • Available terrain and its pitch
  • Usage of jumps vs. rail or box features
  • Future ridership needs

Each season we revue the ridership that is using the Parks at Beaver to decide what new features are required and the allocation of feature levels.  Over the seasons we have found that 25% of the ridership fall into the beginner category, 65% are intermediate and 10% are advanced.  This is how we design our park and features.  Very few resorts can offer parks that cater to all users and abilities but at Beaver Valley we outshine most resort in the Province with the scope and quality of our parks.   We are always aiming to please the majority of our membership when it comes to our park design.

Freestyle is a Competitive Discipline

(But still lots of fun)

Beaver Valley offers a number of different levels for freestyle programming.  They start with the introduction level which only offers competition at the club all the way up to advanced programs that will travel across the country to compete.  When choosing a program keep in mind that your athlete does not have to attend all the competitions if they come into conflict with your family schedule. Here is a brief over view of when, where and what the level of commitment and competition is like at each stage for skiers and snowboarders.

Introduction to Park, Jumps and Bumps, Saturday Only Freestylerz and Mogul Development

The programs above are all considered “introduction” programs because they do not include any competition outside of the club.  Athletes can compete in Club Championships or the King of the Park series events that are run at Beaver.  The focus of these programs is to get athletes excited about the sport and to learn the basic skills they need to compete.  At the end of the season we encourage all athletes to come out and at least get a taste of competition at Club Championships.

Sat & Sun Development Park, Development Mogul and Freestylerz

These programs are considered “development” programs because they introduce skiers and boarders to competition and include 2 – 3 outside the club events over the season.  For the park skiers and boarders they will be competing on the GROM series which is a grassroots program that is focused on fun and prizing for lots of athletes, not just winners.  These events offer training time in the morning before the event starts with the competition level topping out at 360’s on snowboards and 540’s on skis.  The goals are to learn new skills while cheering on and supporting your team members.  The event day’s start at 8:30 and finish by 3:30 and events are at local clubs on the Escarpment.  The fees for the GROM series are included in the program cost. The mogul development team will compete at local FSO mogul events in age categories.  They will not be expected to travel to Provincials or beyond our local region but event fees for the two outside events are not included in the program fee.  Development athletes should only compete 3 times a season because they need to be more focused on training and learning skills.

Advanced Park, Mogul HP and Escarpment Team

Our advanced level programs are working to take athletes to the next level like Provincial or National teams.  Athletes at this level are competing to gain points and build an event portfolio.  This level of event often includes travel around the Province and on occasion out of Province for the top athletes.  Advanced athletes will compete in 5 events over the season.  With this level of competition and the number of days at events Friday training is very important.  All of the events at this level will have a Friday training day that our athletes should attend so they can practice on the features they will be competing on.  Event fees are often packaged with a Friday training price and events fees are outside the program cost.

Competition Schedule and Results

Once you have registered for a competitive program you will receive an email that includes a full competition schedule by Dec 20th.  When we get results from our athletes they will be posted on the program and park blogs on the Beaver Valley website and emailed to team members that competed in the event.

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