The Freestylerz is the first step into competition for Park Skiers. BVSC Freestylerz athletes will compete at the Grom Series level and continue their development in park and all mountain skiing. The Grom Series is fun entry level competition series to test your skills with lots of prizes. Our Freestylerz team is the feeder to the Escarpment Park Team. At this level, athletes will be working on different skills and drills such as switch (backwards) skiing, grabs, spins, combinations, rail and box slide with training in our variety of parks and the Bag Jump.

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* Early Bird deadline November 21st. Prices will increase 20% on November 22nd get your registration in today.

Competition entry fees and additional expenses may apply

35th Annual Mogul Mania
Banked Slalom & Fundraiser



Hello Junior World team, To say that we, being parents, coaches, supporters, etc… are proud of you is an understatement. This is but the beginning of a wonderful period in your lives when u train hard, race hard, meet amazing … Continue reading

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