Staff Directory

Beaver Valley Ski Club

R.R. #4, 100 Pioneer Drive
Markdale, ON N0C 1H0 

t.519-986-2520 | f. 519-986-4168

General Inquiries

519-986-2520 ext 221 |

Shuttle Service


Administration office hours

Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Membership Services

Membership Sales Inquiries Read Hilton ext 250
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Member Services Representative Dean Rutty ext 227
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Group Sales Representative Matt Morris ext 234
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Events & Communications Coordinator  Stephanie Don Griot ext 226
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Sustainability & Lifestyle Coordinator  Kimberly Edwards ext 228
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Playschool Heather Sawyer ext 230
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Indoor Operations Manager Cheryl Crowther ext 224
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General Manager Tim Oliver ext 225
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Head of Ski Patrol Ian McLeish ext 277
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Snowparks & Outdoor Events Manager Caleb Bosse ext 258
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Risk & Human Resources Manager Erika Forsek ext 276
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Outdoor Operations Manager Tom Cavers ext 252
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Alpine Programs

Lesson Desk ext 233
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Alpine Programs Coordinator Jess Weber ext 238
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Head of Recreation Cory Davies ext 283
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Alpine Programs Manager  Shawn Letton ext 287
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Head Coaches

Ski Racing Head Coach Chris Daniels ext 281
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Assistant Freestyle/Speed Head Coach Luke Williams ext 282
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Food & Beverage

Executive Chef Keith Hagedorn ext 240
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Website Guy Brian Sloan direct 416-569-3993
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35th Annual Mogul Mania
Banked Slalom & Fundraiser