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Snowboard Cross Club Championship Results

March 2, 2012 | By: Beaver Valley Ski Club

The second annual Beaver Valley Snowboard Cross aka Boardercross Championship, the newest of the club’s championship events, took place last Sunday afternoon on the Long John cross course. One of the best cross courses in Ontario, Long John was shaped to perfection offering three “whoops” off the start, followed by four high speed giant banked berms and finishing with a jump and series of rollers. For those riders who did not want to navigate the faster jump line there was an alternative bi-pass lane. Rather than race in head-to-head heats, riders raced one at a time in timed runs for expediency and safety. The course was fast, fun, and exciting! Congrats to all of the boardercrossers who competed. Please see podium results and photos below.


6 & Under – Ripper Trophy
1. Mason Purkis

7-10 Girls – Harris Trophy

1. Raili Price
2. Brenna O’Brien
3. Mikayla Crawford

7-10 Boys – Koven Cup

1. Jesse Jarrett
2. Luje Pruski
3. Ben Christmann

11-13 Female – Harris Trophy
1. Sarah Tuer-Sipos
2. Jasmine Baird
3. Alex Wasser

11-13 Boys – Koven Cup
1. Lucas Dano
2. Andrew Sammut
3. Michael Nazwaski

14-16 Female – Toporniki Trophy

1. Annie Wortzman
2. Alison Cole

14-16 Male – Birnie Family Trophy

1. Kevin Foy
2. Eric Van Hees
3. James Hendrix

17-20 Female – Harris Trophy

1. Maddy Lang

17-20 Male – Koven Cup

1. Brett Bullock
2. Sam Dano
3. Owen Collins

28-34 Women – Burton Cup
1.Lauren Dimen

41-45 Male – Wilson Trophy
1. Tony Pillar
2. Mike Purkis

46-50 Female – Rainbow Cup
1. Techa Van Leeuwen

46-50 Male – Sundog Cup
1. Jordan Kurtin
2. Andy Baird
3. Patrick Collins

51+ Male
1. Don Kindness
2. Quintin Lang
3. Steve Jarrett

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